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This mini -library contains sounds from a reptile shelter. They take in injured, negelcted or abandond reptiles and take care of them. They finance through a small zoo and due to corona had significant loss in income. 50% of the sales of this library will directly be donated to the shelter. For more information check: https://www.reptilien-auffangstation.de/

The recordings contain sounds from 14 different species. With the focus on reptiles, it also features amphibians, mammals and birds. Ever needed a realistic hiss of an Arabian Cobra, the roar of a Nile crocodile, the sweet chirping of a Djungarian hamster, or the whistling sound of a Reticulated Phyton coming out of cold water? Here you go. With two mic positions in 192kHz I followed around the tails of big (Diamondback-) and small (Massasauga-) Rattlesnakes. I even recorded the purr of giant lizards (monitors).

If you don’t need these specific animals, these growls, sizzling, and calls are a great source sounds for dragons, dinosaurs, monsters and other beasts. Also great to add as a layer in vehicle sound design or as sweeteners to add the noise of a dart frog to your jungle atmo. These recordings are hard to come by and my mics were nearly hit by poison, that crystalizes and stays venomous for years to come as well as they got nearly eaten by a crocodile (was very scary indeed with me at the other end of the (way too short) boom pole)

The best part, the handling with the animals was very thoughtful. No animals were tortured or stressed. They had some great animal voices at the shelter, that didn’t want to speak during the recording session, so we let them sleep and didn’t take any animals away from their hide.

Full List: Arabian Cobra, Diamondback Rattlesnake, Diamond Dove, Djungarian Hamster, Domestic Chicken, Domestic Goat, Nile Crocodile, Massasauga Rattler, Papua Monitor, Puff Adder, Reticulated Phyton, Ring Tailed Lemur, Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog and, well, a fish tank with my hydrophone with some weird electronic sounds from the heating.

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Buy Now$45.00 USD or more

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Thank you so much for putting these sounds together! 

I am glad to hear your shelter is helping these abdandoned animals and providing them with a place to live, I hope they are able to survive this covid crisis.

I am planning on challenging myself to use them in my musical projects. I generally work with extreme metal (a dying genre I know) so I am very curious to see how I can incorporate some of these into a song or intro.


Hi, I was wondering what license these sounds come under? Are we free to use these in commercial projects, for example, and what kind of attribution do you need?


Sorry, I missed this, as it is included directly on the other websites I am selling sound. Here is a link to the license.


link wants a decryption key.


yeah, sorry, I fixed it in the description, but can't in the comments. It s: hIxOVAo3C6Nz1-qTA5LpW_KM4Dwo6ajxz1tYOiPrjko


And short version, yes you are allowed to use it in commercial projects without attribution, if you bought the files.


Fantastic, thanks for replying!


"Bought the files" includes "Bought it in the Justice Bundle", correct?

This library looks perf for me, jsyk. Thanks for putting it together!


Yes, of course! Would love to hear the project you use it on, once it is finished, have fun!